"Kim was a great inspiration in helping me to rediscover and define my personal brand and unique value to customers. Kim's unique process helped me to refocus my career and find a position that matched my strengths and goals. Thanks to Kim, my new position is a win-win for myself and my employer." AO, Manager


"Kim helped me structure and focus my resume towards my desired position. Throughout the process, I was able to crystallize my personal brand. The resulting documents and process helped me quickly secure my target executive position in a competitive environment." FD, Vice President, Operations

“A couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity to utilize the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that you recently helped me develop as a result of our Executive Coaching Sessions.  In addition to the fantastic cover letter and résumé you previously created for me, the Fortune 100 company recruiter who called me was very impressed with my UVP.  I truly believe I would not have gotten my foot in the door without your help, Kim. Thanks again!” RZ, Director 

"Kim understands the technology arena and CIO's role...the whole experience changed the way I view my my career and personal brand. Kim is the best by a mile!" CM, CIO



"Working together we created, essentially, "Me, Inc.", a much more marketable and successful professional.  The plan was mine, but created with coaching based on your knowledge and experience.  The plan develops my strengths and interests, integrates life and work, is specific and feels right. I will highly recommend your services to anyone who asks (and even those who don't)" DW, Project Manager


“At first personal brands seemed to me like marketing spin, but in actual fact, it's just a way to show how valuable you can be, quickly and effectively. More than anything else, that's what I needed to get my career to the next level." IL, CTO


"Only self-confident people can be simple", said Jack Welch. Kim Batson is a person who builds self confidence in you, so that you can express yourself in simple sound bites that act like a bullet in carving a niche for you.” RM, Manager

"I couldn't ask for better success! In just 3 weeks, I've received 8 offers, including one from a $billion industry leader! And all the offers are for $15-26k more than my current compensation. It's not just the resume development, but the branding and value proposition that allowed me to consistently advance, differentiate and win...and I attribute at least 70-80% of my success to working with Kim. I'm excited about the future." AE, Director

"Kim's passion made this...into a valuable and enjoyable experience." LC, Manager

"In keeping with Kim's results-oriented approach, the most impressive aspect is that I am now getting calls that I never would have before." HS, Vice-President



We could go on, but we think you get the picture..


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